What does ethos mean? It means a moral element, which is normally to define the character and the spirit of a person or a specific culture.

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is very important for the doctor to practice according to their ethos so that they would be able to understand about the kind of responsibility that they have towards the society.
  • Upon frequent visitation to the church, I came to understand about the ethos that the Bible has been telling us to follow.
  • As policemen, you need to work within your ethos and serve the people without any kind of prejudice or any malice towards any person.
  • It is only the ethos of a person that will be able to save him or her when they come across a moral dilemma or a spiritual misunderstanding.
  • It is stupid people that have an ethos that is obviously bordering on doing harm to themselves. You have to understand that your life is precious and not a one-time commodity to create nuisance for others.


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